003: Bobby Holder – Actor, Producer, Director, Manager

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Today’s guest is Bobby Holder. In love with plays, television, and movies his whole life, after college and after several tours, Bobby Holder moved to New York City to pursue a career in writing and acting. In addition to acting in shows around Manhattan, Bobby also produced his own plays in Off Off Broadway Theaters.

In 2005 he founded a very unique membership company called The Actor’s Project NYC, which features actors and writers in Off Broadway Industry Showcases. In 2011 he authored a monologue and sketchbook titled OUT OF THE BLUE. Intrigued by the business side of the entertainment industry Bobby recently joined the management team of The Talent Express. His clients have appeared in major movies, television shows, commercials, web series, print ads and radio.

Currently Bobby is co-directing showcases at The Actor’s Project NYC, representing awesome actors, and producing a reading of his recent play OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY.

You can learn more about him at: BobbyHolder.com or The ActorsProjectNYC.com